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    Milwaukie Lumber pine tree logo
    Milwaukie Yard
    Vancouver Yard
    Stark St. Yard
    Hours:M-F 7a-5p
    Sat 8a-Noon

    A lengthy selection of lumber & Plywood

    The very best in quality building materials

    Superior solutions in siding and exterior panels

    Decking to delight your family & friends


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    Milwaukie Lumber Company has the very best in service and quality building materials

    Whatever you need to plan, start, and finish a project, you'll find it at Milwaukie Lumber. Benefit from the finest in materials like decking, fencing, hardware, siding, lumber and plywood, and people who take the time to know you and understand your project.

    Our business has grown by following a simple philosophy is being faithful to serving your needs results in relationships of trust and loyalty.

    A team-oriented environment

    We foster a team approach firmly rooted in morals and ethics, focusing on shared goals like taking pride in our work and assisting each customer to the best of our abilities.

    We believe that we have the hardest working, most helpful, and most dynamic people in our industry. Rely on us for superior quality, product knowledge, and personal attention.

    Our state-of-the-art software and fleet of well-maintained vehicles assures you of precise, on-time deliveries. For more than two decades, the professionals at Milwaukie Lumber have satisfied the varied needs of homeowners, remodeling contractors, and builders with a superior brand of service.

    The Milwaukie Lumber mission

    We strive to be the industry leader in providing lumber and building materials in our market. We aspire to be the most respected, customer driven, and quality conscious company in our industry by delivering the highest quality at a fair price.

    We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and that by inspiring loyalty, integrity, and pride in the workplace, we will join together as a team to fulfill our customers needs and expectations.

    We understand that profitability is the cornerstone to the continued success of Milwaukie Lumber Company and our employees. We are committed to improving ourselves in pursuit of this mission.

    Store Hours: M-F 7:00am-5:00pm  Sat 8:00am-noon