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    Milwaukie Yard
    Vancouver Yard
    Stark St. Yard
    Hours:M-F 7a-5p
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    A lengthy selection of lumber & Plywood

    The very best in quality building materials

    Superior solutions in siding and exterior panels

    Decking to delight your family & friends


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    The finest in fencing products and supplies

    Your fence does much more than provide a border, it is the backdrop of your outdoor living space. Create a style that actually beautifies your yard. Visit the professionals at Milwaukie Lumber for ideas on how to create a sturdy, attractive fence that will add to your home's value.

    Advancements in fencing materials

    Just like decking, fencing has advanced beyond wire or wood. A prime example is Seclusions Privacy Fencing from Trex. This composite fence is a premium product that offers beauty from every angle. It offer a natural wood feel and a non-reflective surface in a variety of rich colors and sizes up to 8' tall. Another composite fence is FenceScapes from TimberTech. This product provides the look and feel of wood with the low-maintenance benefits that you expect from composites.

    For a more traditional wood fence, Milwaukie Lumber carries all the components you need to make your project successful. The basics are simple: use 4x4 Allweather Wood pressure-treated timber and space it about 8' apart. Dig holes 24" deep for your gate and corner posts and 16"- 24" Tip: measure your length and dig your holes at the same equal distance. This will eliminate a small section at the end.
    deep for the other fence posts. Fill with Ross Island concrete mix and let set over night.

    Selecting a rail material

    Choosing the rail material is determined by your design and budget. 2x4 Douglas fir, 2x4 Naturewood, 2x4 Allweather Wood (pressure-treated), 2x4 tight-knot cedar, and 2x4 clear cedar are the most popular choices. Ask us what will work best for your project. Your design will determine how your rails will attach. A Milwaukie Lumber fencing professional will explain the options, but the most convenient solution is Simpson's FB24Z.

    Quality fence board options

    We offer two quality varieties of fence boards. Premium no-hole cedar is a high quality fence board, available at a budget price. It is a true 3/4" Western red cedar board without loose knots. We also sell a Book #2 Cedar fence board. This product is also a true 3/4" thick but it consits of more knots.

    A full line of accessories and finishes to choose from

    Milwaukie Lumber also supplies all the accessories for your gates and designs. National Hardware has created a full line of gate hardware, including a wide mix of hinges, latches, and handles to match any outdoor ambiance. Maine Ornamental post caps are a great way to add flair to your fence posts. Lattice, cedar trim pieces, and Sunfrog, Penofin, Messmers or Superdeck stain can set your fence apart from the rest of the neighborhood.
    Creating and building your fence can be surprisingly easy once you talk to a Milwaukie Lumber fencing professional. All you need are a few basic tools, string, a 4' level, post hole digger, garden hose, a saw, and a hammer. Very important note: Be sure to call your local utilities and make sure that they mark the underground lines. By avoiding any utility buried underground, you'll save time, money, and headaches.
    Your fence can be as imaginative as you like. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space, while providing a necessary boundary to protect your children and pets. Call or visit Milwaukie Lumber for pricing and ideas.

    Store Hours: M-F 7:00am-5:00pm  Sat 8:00am-noon